About Us
Coming from a background and a love of the home remodel industry, Becky and Diane are a sister duo that have a real passion for helping people truly enjoy and love their home. Their inspiration and the one that really spearheaded their involvement with the home improvement industry, their father, Dan was a remodeler/contractor for over 40 years. Becky recalls a time that her father taught her how to lay tile and from that moment she was in love. Becky ended up going to school for design while Diane is skilled in management and organization. This created a way for them to partner together with their father memory, and so their business began. Becky is a successful mother of 3 and loves to make a person’s home really feel like their safe haven, while Diane takes her love of cleanliness and organization to take care of any home that she enters. Although she has a background in interior design, Becky has a true passion for staging so that she can bring a home to its full potential. Diane is very successful, working for one of the top salons in the United States. She believes "organization is always key,” no matter what role she is filling. With Dan no longer with us, Becky and Diane choose to continue to honor his legacy by helping people with design and staging their own homes, while Diane makes sure that the home ends up tidy and sparkly clean! They both strongly believe that helping people enjoy their homes is a biproduct of their Dad's true passion and continue to ignite that same passion through every project they take on!
Typical Job Costs
$400 - 10,000
Staging Starts at $400/per room and goes up
Cleaning Starts at $35/Hr
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